Monday, March 14, 2011

What do you think i should blog about !!

Hey guys,

Im really interested in what you guys want me to blog about or something you want tested and reviewed or if you have suggestions for random blogging sessions id love to hear them.. You can comment below with them or email me like a few of you have already done..

Im overwhelmed with the lovely emails that some of you have sent me and im getting soo many more blog hits a day than id ever expected, but id love for you all to subscribe and follow (ive posted instructions on how to do this- i think it was my 3rd post).. The more followers i get means the quicker we can have a give away !!!

Much love



  1. already answered to this question on the giveaway post :)

  2. makeup tags? but i'd really love a favorites, top 10 beauty products, top red lipsticks, collection of pink lipsticks,etc..

    please enter me on your giveaway. :)
    snow0016 at yahoo dot com