Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Foundation (credit card friendly) :)

Hey guys,

My blog post today will be on what foundation is best as its my most asked question all the time. There are sooo many different foundations around today of all different prices and different types of coverage and the good news is you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg just to get them! Ill do another blog post later on on more expensive brands but for this blog ill be focusing it on credit card friendly products.

So firstly im going to start with light coverage foundation. My favourite ones both come from Maybelline, the first being Wonder Finish and the second being Mineral Power Liquid. These are the ones I reach for daily especially Wonder Finish because it dries to a powder finish and doesn’t need a setting powder for a matte finish like Mineral Power Liquid does, but either way I love both and use them alternatively for day use. The third one that I find myself reaching for is Covergirls Clean Liquid foundation which also needs to be set with a translucent powder but just has such an ‘im not wearing makeup’ look to it which I love especially cause its so light on the skin.

For a moderate coverage id suggest Borjois Healthy Mix foundation which does wonders in evening out skin tone and just giving you a healthy glow and at the moment im loving Rimmel Stay Matte and Covergirl Tru Blend. They are all so easy to work with yet buildable at the same time so you can go from moderate to full coverage with the same foundation.

For full coverage foundation (and my personal favourite) I suggest Revlon Colourstay and Revlon Photo Finish which are my two most favourite foundations in the whole entire world ! Colourstay has about 95% of the coverage which is offered with MAC and Napoleon foundations for half the price, so for that reason im willing to go for 95% of coverage. Photo Finish is amazing and must must must be used if there will be flash photography wherever you are going. It gives you the most absolute flawless complexion in photography and even when its worn without planning to flash photography, it has great coverage and doesn’t look cakey. In one word- it’s a god send. (two words lol)

Let me know if theres any ive missed which deserve a spot in my credit card friendly favourites list..
Until next time,
Keep playing and experimenting with makeup !

Love Suzie xxx


  1. Wonder Finish is a great foundation ♥

  2. I use a national brand name Mon Rêve.

  3. very informative post!! pictures or swatches, what it looks like when worn, side by side picture comparisons would be great addition too..

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