Friday, April 15, 2011

Current obsession: Hot Pink Lips

Hey hey,

Going by the title of this post im sure you know what im about to blab about.. thats right, hot pink lipstick, my current obsession and i love it.. Im not too sure if i can actually pull it off but i like to think i can so thats what matters i spose haha..

Rimmel has a lipstick range called Rimmel Show Off but i think im only 90% sure on the name, but you will recognise them by their hot pink shiny packaging which is only part of the reason of why i love these soo much.

Their pigmentation is amazing and when you want a pink lipstick this is exactly where you should go.. I picked up two lipsticks a few weeks ago in Pink Flame and Kiss Me and i have worn them a billion times since. I also noticed that if you mix them both together, they compliment eachother so well and really compliments my skin tone- they are a match made in heaven :)

The staying power of these is amazing and when applying any lipstick i do as i used to watch my grandmother do.. apply lipstick, blot with a tissue and reapply- its a fool proof way to keeping your lips on longer ! These lipsticks are a velvet matte finish which again means longer lasting !

Let me know if youve tried them, i am in love and think that bright lips are fabulous for the upcoming winter months.. Just because the weather is gloomy, it doesnt meant your lips should be.. brighten up your day and reach for a bright lipstick..

Also, Im sure the next question on your lips is how exactly am i meant to pull of hot pink lipstick ?.. The same way you would a bright red lip. My advice is flawless skin, minimal eye makeup or something cute like simple winged eyeliner and loads of mascara, a rosey blush and pink lips ! Always keep your eyes nudie if your having big bold lips and always keep your lips nudie if your having huge dramatic eyes :)

Kiss Kiss

Suzie xxx

ps. ive tried to swatch colours but its starting to stress me out because the colours wont show up well on camera.. i will get back to you with proper swatches lol x

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  1. i love hot pink lipstick... it's my fav shade for when i go out ♥