Friday, April 15, 2011


Hey all,

Its been a whole week since i last blogged, it feels like forever !
So i went to the shops yesterday and it was very exciting when i came across LUSH because im obsessed with the way it smells, but i must be honest that im not the biggest fan of all the products, i like to stick to what i know... maybe because im not a bath person ? this just rules out bath bombs altogether...

I have the usual order everytime i go and it always consists of a large block of rockstar soap and i loveee the smell so much i wish i could eat it !! Its such a beautiful smell that i cant even explain it and i love that after i use it, my skin still smells of it and its just heaven !!!
Im a fan of massage bars and yesterday i picked up one in, heavanilli and it is hands down my most favourite lush product ever. It is in the cutest little love heart shape ever and smells like musky vanilla and i love it and i find it compliments the smell of the rockstar soap, so i love to use it right after i shower.. Its definately my number one recommendation of what to buy when you go to lush next time !

Until next time xxx

Love Suzie

Ps. what are your favourite lush products of all time ?


  1. haha i just went to lush. i actually love having baths so i have a million of their bath products, but i actually got a free facemask because i had 5 black pots that i returned. i got the purple one, catastrophe cosmetic. i want to try the rockstar soap, but it has to get in line:)

  2. My advice: dont put rockstar in a line haha you will thank me the day you purchase this ! and thats a promise lol

    xxxx suzie

  3. those look heavenly :) i also received some from a nice blogger and i have yet to try it.. i got scrubs and i can't wait to use them this week.

    p.s. i saw some of your other posts. one suggestion i would give is put more pictures, and less paragraphs. i personally would not read more than 100 words if i can help it lol

  4. These look delicious ♥
    One of my favourite Lush products of all time is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub