Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Nailpolish !

Hey guys,

Im just at uni and i thought id have a quick break and instead of staring at the wall, i thought id do a quick blog post on the nailpolishes that i used through the summer days and i like to call it welcome to sherek-ville !

I bought the 4 pack of OPI nailpolishes that were apart of the Shrek collection in the colours 'whats with the cattitude' which is a sky blue, 'who the shrek are you' which is a brightish lime green and my personal favourite, 'fiercly fiona' which is a baby yellow and 'rumples wiggin' which is a light lavender purple..
I bought these back in Novemeber and pretty much just rotated these colours every few days all through out summer cause they were so fresh.. The cute thing was that i bought these in miniature form and got all 4 for about $18 which was so worth it !

I lean more towards darker colours in winter and i find that Big Apple Red is an all season colour which i use all year round..

I will be back with another quick post on colours i have my eye on for this winter during my study session tomorrow..

Speak to you soon dolls xxxx