Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Hey guys,

Finallly finally finallyyyy i got my hands on this little baby and i am seriously in love. The Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer lives up to its claim and is heavy duty and will hide just about anything. One little dab of this product is all it takes to hide blemishes or scars or anything that needs to be covered and once it is set with a powder, wherever it is placed, it will not budge !

I like to prime my face and then apply foundation before my concealer so as soon as i dab it on my problem areas its almost as if it has 10 times the coverage of any concealer ive ever bought before. Bad news is for those of us in Australia, i dont think theres anywhere that we can purchase it from here so head online and get your orders in ! This product is so easily blended, its waterproof and doesnt move from wher it should be once its been set- whats not to love.

I find its a bit heavy for everyday but perfect for a night out or if your desperate to hide up anything- possibly tatooss from parents haha

Let me know if youve tried this or tell me your favourite concealers that actually cover amazingly !

Love Suzie xxx


  1. i've heard that hard candy's concealer is a $7 version of this concealer!

    Love your blog, following you now! Be sure to check out the giveaway on my blog!


  2. Ive heard about this also, on youtube and on google but it sucks cause i dont think hard candy is available in australia :( but lucky for me im heading to the US in July.. im very excited !! Thanks for following, hope your enjoying my posts xxxx

  3. Thanks for your post. I seriously have the eyes of a raccoon and live in a constant concealer dilemma (too drying, too thin, or just not living up to their promises). so you can imagine how happy I was to read your post and other people's rave reviews only to be let down that it isn't available in aussie land. Amazon and Sephora won't ship it here and I can't find it stocked anywhere else. Could you clue me in as to where I can purchase it online?, you lucky gal.


  4. Hey girl, i got mine on ebay.. dont use the australian website, just use ebay.com.. This way you have access to more international sellers which will ship to australia if you ask nicely enough..

    good luck ! let me know how you go

    love suzie xxx

  5. i haven't tried any Kat Von D make-up products yet... i'm always looking for a good concealer, maybe i'll give this one a try :)

  6. I could use this one to hide my tattoo when I'm attending my exams.

  7. Great concealer. Not just as a concealer, but...
    I have a tattoo. It's an angel, in the memory of my father. I'm not embarrassed about the tattoo, but in the environment where i live, people judge you.I would love to have this product for this kind of situations.

    P.S.: Thank you a lot for your giveaway!
    You are a great person!