Friday, April 8, 2011

Hair Colours !

Hey all...

I had an email sent to me this morning enquiring about what colour hair i have...

Drum roll please........... BLUE BLACK ! yayyyy haha

I love dark hair and i love black hair which is obviously why i have black hair. But what i have learnt in my many years of hair colouring is that blue black is a darker black than any other black colour which is made for dying your hair. I have naturally wavy hair, more like beach waves thought, so just very subtle but if i wear it down its always been straightened. My hair is pretty low maintenance cause its really healthy, I colour it once a month, i put a leave in conditioner treatment every night because i wash my hair every night. I use a hair mask once a week and that is pretty much it and yes i break the golden rule about not brushing wet hair unless its a wide toothed comb. The shower is where i keep my paddle brush and probably rip half my hair out cause it gets so many tangles after i shampoo it.. ooops !

I do have a bit of a hair history, here we go...
So wayy back when i was in year 7 (my first year of high school) i begged my mum to pleasee let me colour my hair and i begged for days that i wanted to get red streaks in my naturally dark brown hair- to my amazement she said yes ! You could imagine my excitement walking down to the hairdresser with the money that my mum left me on the bench so i could finally get streaks in my hair. The whole process was soo exciting until i got home and realised that my fabulous new red streaks were barely noticeable- it was an epic fail.

After these red streaks continued to disappear in my hair i decided that i wanted to use that Sunsilk Hair Lightening Mousse that you gradually put in day by day to make your hair lighter which actually worked and looked quite nice and natural now that i think of it. But i wanted more than this, i wanted to have noticeable hair so i could maintain my awesomeness at school because "suzies mum lets her colour her hair.. how cool" lol.. kids really are pathetic !
My next stage was somewhere along the lines of blonde foils, which then got altered to blonde and red foils, then different shades of blonde and then black as my bottom layer, followed by a dramatic mullet hair cut somewhere along the line by the time id reached year 10.
Once year 10 came along, i again wanted more, i wanted i dramatic- i wanted blonde ! Off i went to my hairdresser again and asked for a full head of white blonde streaks into my black hair which would have to be stripped out and a base of light brown hair had to be created. It was nice and i loved it until a few days later i realised the stress id put my hair through and that my goregous light brown hair with white blonde streaks was stringy and snapping off my head like there was no tomorrow... What did i do next ? I cried like a baby brushing my hair infront of the mirror watching it fall out.
I made my way back to the hairdresser and went medium brown and kept it this way for a few months.
Once year 11 had hit, i wanted to go blonde all over again, but this time it was the 'safe way' where i gradually foiled my hair and it was probably the nicest hair id ever had until i woke up on day and wanted to have sharon osbourne red hair and i just completed ruined by favourite hair colour ever and i was now a red head.
Again i kept it like this for a while before i realised the maintenance of it and went back to black hair, i just felt the most comfortable like this. Once year 12 came, i decided i wanted hair extensions in my already long hair and now i knew i was content and that i never wanted to take them out ever !
Now 4 years later, no extensions, no crazy colouring experiences, i finally have myself some very healthy black shiny hair..

The End :)

Love Suzie xxxx
This is my favouritest hair colour in the world !! This is what ive been using for almost a year now xxxx


  1. that is a gorgeous black shade ♥

  2. Never seen this one before from Garnier. Will def check it out. I think it's one of the perks of being a girl. We can play with different colors and lengths whenever we want and totally transform ourselves in a matter of hours.