Friday, July 1, 2011

Nail of the day: OPI Malaysian Mist

Hey guys,

Ive never done a 'nail of the day' post before, but i just painted my nails in my most favourite/ perfect nude colour ever by OPI in the shade Malaysian Mist. Its a lovely light pinky beige tone and its one of those colours that would look good on anyone.. However, my nails are still wet and looking at the photo, i think i will need to apply a third coat because i made them quite thin so i could hurry up and give my hands some TLC but on a normal day, two normal codes are perfect.

Ive been going for darker colours as we are in our winter months (see my winter shopping list here) in Australia, but i looked down at my hands before and saw just how dry and ugly my hands were looking with rough skin and just very unpleasant. I thought that painting them a nude colour would make my hands look alot neater, and after i finish this post, im off to do a quick hand scrub and some intense moisturising with some cuticle cream to get my hands back to tip top shape.

What is your favourite nude colour from OPI ? I feel as though it took me ages to find this one and i know OPI has a huge selection of nudes in their collection..

Love Suzie xx


  1. Hey Suzie,

    OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE OPI (and your blog). My favourite OPI is 'Got a date tonight'. Its not exactly a nude colour but it is such a pale pink that looks soooo natural. I agree with the dark and deep colours for winter but this goes really well in winter next to all the greys i tend to wear in winter. I really like that nude colour you have, i defnately have to buy one.

    Thanks xox

  2. 3 coats? that's a lot :(
    i don't have any nude colors from opi, i only bought bright ones (pinks, reds and blues)

  3. my favorite nude is not from opi- essie's topless and barefoot is gorgeous!

  4. Totally agree with Ashley Brooke -- LOVING Topless and Barefoot right now. But judging by your pic and description, they're probably quite similar...

  5. Im yet to get my hands on essie products ! They arent as accessible as OPI in australia x