Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daily Haircare Routine

Hey everyone,

I am one of those people that breaks the two most important rules when it comes to haircare:

  1. I wash my hair daily
  2. I brush my hair in the shower and after my shower, with a normal hair brush
I wash my hair daily because i feel dirty if i dont and if i was to wash my hair every second day, its impossible to style it on the second day and my hair just becomes one huge flop and an oil build up begins, so it makes my life that much easier to just wash it daily.

The washing part of things i dont mind, i like shampooing my hair and giving my scalp a quick massage while im at it but the hair drying side of things is what really begins to annoy me ! But not to get too ahead myself, i must say, i have become quite a pro at a super quick 10 minute completely dry blowdry styled straight with a little body.  This way, when i wake up in the morning, all i have to do is run my fingers through my hair and im out the door because i wash my hair every night because if i had to do this in the morning, it would never happen because i usually sleep until the last minute that i can, i am far from a morning person !

A quick tip to a faster blowdry when styling your hair straight is to use a normal paddle brush instead of a round blowdrying brush. I learnt this on an episode of Jerseylicious, when Tracey was working on hair for fashion week.. And i must say, it seriously works because i used to spend about 20-25 minutes trying to blowdry my long thick hair straight and now the time is cut by half ! Another reason why i love reality trashy tv, they sometimes prove to be useful to my life :) I use the same lady jayne one which is pictured below.

So everyday after i wash my hair i apply three products to it after i have towel dired it quite well.. Thats another thing i probably do wrong, i smoosh my hair altogether and rub it vigorously when towel drying !

First i spritz my hair with Sunsilk Leave in Coniditoning Mist which cares and de-tangles and claims to make your hair 'fresher for longer'. I love this product because even if i have to choose one thing only to put in my hair this would be it. It detangles and smells fresh and coniditons and does everything an all rounder hair product should do, and has a very attractive price tag of about $6.

Secondly I apply a tiny little blob of Normal Balance Leave in Treatment from the Shwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Range. I apply this though the middle to the ends of my hair and it really locks in moisture and helps style my ends to look neat when i blowdry my hair and i noticed that it really protects my hair from split ends and heat damage. I purchased this for $11.95.

And last i apply PPS Colourwear Colour Lock Survival Foam. This is a mousse type product which i apply from my roots to my ends and it locks in my colour and makes my hair colour really stand out and gives my hair the most gorgeous shine and makes my hair look extremely healthy and ive noticed that since i started using this, i have recieved compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks, so this is definately a product which i will keep repurchasing. These are originally $19.95 but i picked it up on sale for $5, so i bought two of them incase i loved it and lucky i did !

This is basically all i use. At the moment my hairdryer is a Tresemme  Professional for Phillips which my mum bought from Target for me like years ago for about $40 and the heat which is reaches is amazing and the most important thing is that it comes with an awesome nozzle which also helps for a quicker and smoother blowdry. It is 2000 Watts with an AC motorCeramic element which is very important to not damage your hair too much.

Image from google images- Tresemme for Phillips Hairdryer

What daily hair products do you guys depend on ?

Love Suzie xx


  1. Washing the things I do not mind, and I love the hair shampoo and scalp massage to give my head while Im in that quick, but dry the hair side of things is what really starts to annoy me.

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  2. I love the Sunsilk Leave in, it makes the hair look great ♥

  3. I also brush my hair with a normal brush- how can people use those combs? They just tear out my hair!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)

  4. That Sunsilk Leave-in Conditioning Mist looks good... Been eyeing by Morroccan Oil for a while, but gosh they're exxy!
    What type of hair do you have by the way? Love your low mainty approach...

  5. My daily routine is to wash my hair twice with Redken Real Control Shampoo.
    Then Redken CAT Extreme treatment leave in for about 5 mins.
    Wash out.
    Then Redken Extreme Conditioner.

    Then I apply Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave in in toweldried hair.
    Also leave in Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide.

    then I blowdry and flatiron my hair :):)