Sunday, August 21, 2011

Save your dollars: Max Factor Xperience Foundation + GIVEAWAYYYY

Hey girlies,

As you can see ive changed the layout and background of my blog and im not too sure how i feel about it, but i know i like it better than what i had before. Now that i think of it, i never really liked what i had before which is probably why i decided to change it lol leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.. yay or nay to new background ???

So todays post is called, 'save your dollars' and its what im going to start naming my posts when ive tried out a product and i think its poopie and not worth your money, so dont make the same mistake i did, and therefore save your dollars :)

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation is probably weightless because it seriously has no coverage what so ever ! For a 30 something dollar foundation, youd hope it have a little more than a light to light medium (at its absolute max !!) coverage. I was seriously disappointed with this cause i liked the idea of weightless, but hate the idea of no coverage. Its definately a foundation that id just rub on my face before work on a Sunday morning to try and hit the 'i look half decent for sunday morning' status. Besides Sunday morning and possibly the super duper ultra natural look, i wouldnt really recommend this. When i first purchased it, i thought it would be awesome and when i was swatching them in the shop, i was like woooahhh its so smooth and its gonna be my fave, but when i got home i was like errr you can be thrown in the back of my drawer now !
I must give it some recognition in the fact that its really smooth and creamy and easily blended, but it cant be layered which just turns me off it that little bit more. I do like the fact that it has SPF10, so its not too bad for photos cause it has a small amount of SPF, and it still allows a little bit of protection from the sun, but id rather more SPF protection during the day, if i was to use this as a day foundation, so it doesnt become too weightless when you gotta put on a sunscreen underneath.. Maybe this is only cause im a freak for sunscreen cause im as pale as a marshmallow !!

Complete random fact. but on the topic of sunscreen, i cant believe they sold sunscreen with SPF 50+ in Hawaii and after i had my little freak out session pf excitement, i looked along the shelf and saw that it went up in 5 until it hit SPF110+ haha i still cant get over how awesome that is.. I think we only make it upto SPF30+ here in Australia, anything higher is probably hard to find considering ive never seen it before.. Just a quick note on how pale i am, i still burnt through SPF50+... yepp !! i told you, marshmallow !!!

This was  the first Max Factor foundation ive tried and for that price tag, im a bit iffy of whether id try one again.. I have to admit though, the only reason i bought this was cause the girl in the advertisement for it was sooo pretty, so i had to atleast go and check it out ! I know all Max Factor products arent this bad because if you know me personally or ive done your makeup before, you would have heard me ramble on about the fact that the best mascara in the whole entire world is Max Factor False Lash Effect, but thats another post in itself, which i have already mentioned before in my 5 most used products post.

So tell me, what do you guys think of Max Factor and what have you tried that i should try ? Whos tried this foundation and loves it, or even hates it like me?

Love S xx

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  1. talking about sunscreen, the BEST ONES EVER are sold across Europe. they have really strict guidelines in regard to sunscreen so whenever you are there pick them up.. they are seriously the BEST or so i've heard :)

  2. I love Max Factor Lipsticks... I haven't tried this foundation yet...

  3. Hmmm... I like the idea of this foundation as well, but if it is only light coverage for a quite substantial price tag, its just not worth it!

  4. i haven't seen max factor in a long time- i wish i could find it again!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)

  5. Loving the idea of a 'Save Your Dollars' type post... Saves me from having to trial and error myself! xx

  6. @Kris Beauty.. i havnt tried max factor lipsticks yet.. any good ?

    @ Kelsey.. i agree !

    @ Ashley Brooke.. what happened to max factor in you part of the world ?

    @lilidonna.. I like the idea too, im gonna do it as a mini series because i have so many products that i just dont like, so i want you guys to be aware before you purchase them

  7. I didn't mind this foundation too much, except I used it up really fast because to get decent coverage I was applying a lot of foundation each time. I didn't mind it but I don't think I'd repurchase it - I find my MAC foundation lasts a lot longer and you really don't need so much so I'd rather pay a few extra dollars for MAC. What's your favourite MAC foundation? I've been using MAC Studio Sculpt, I quite like it and I like Studio Fix Fluid, I'm dying to try Face and Body but I live so far from MAC and I don't want to buy it online unless I get really desperate and run out of my current one :)

  8. Great Giveaway by the way, superb:D I must say, love the reviews... would love to see more on foundations. Keep up the good work and well done getting to the 60 mark.

  9. i love this idea of posts ! its good to find someone who actually says dont buy it haha

  10. The comment above this is mine but it says annonymous for my name. This has happened before!

    Follwing vua GFC