Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello USA my name is SUZIE =)

Hey guyss !

So today i finished my last exam at uni and i am soo relieved that thats finally over, and now its almost as though July wont come soon enough because in about 4 weeks from now i will be leaving sydney and on my way to america !! (if you didnt get the point from the title of this post haha)

This is where i need some help from all you guys that live there.. I will be going to New York and Vegas before i head off to Hawaii to soak up some sun because im so pale that i almot glow in the dark lol.

So this is what i wanna know.. Where to go ? What to see ? Where to shop ? What to eat ? I need help !!

Love Suzie xxx

Image from (how cuteeeee !)


  1. hope you have a wonderful time!! and congrats on finishing uni. i am very jealous and in desperate need of defrosting. I'm so cold, and also, VERY pale

  2. Thanks for the comment/follow! Definitely following back. In NY, check out the Lower East side - my favourite area! And be sure to grab a frozen custard from the Shake Shack, it's worth the trip alone!

  3. Im so excited, mostly about the frozen custard haha ! What i wanna know is where is the closest MAC store, forever 21 and sephora to where ill be staying.. from memory i think ill be staying at the Pensylvannia.. Hellpppp !


  4. Hi Suzie, good luck with the blog :) I know i would need that! lol

  5. cute pic ♥ ... usa here i come too :)) ... i wish :))

  6. wow! sounds like an amazing trip!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)