Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NP Set Pretty Presto Palette

Hey all,

You all need to get your hands on this palette from Napoleon Set in Pretty Presto. It is extremely cute and its the perfect thing you need for a short trip away or even for every day use.

The main reason i actually purchased this was because the blush that is in there is the mst beautiful bright coral which compliments my skin tone so well, which was part of Napoleons holiday set about two years ago and now i finished that blush and couldnt find a replacement until i saw this little palette.

The palette has two eyeshadows which suit every skin tone. It has a gorgeous deep gold shade and a bronze shadow and i love the quality of these and they are long lasting even without a primer. The palette comes with a little baby mascara stick which is seriously too cute and it comes with a baby lipgloss in a neutral colour which is also perfect for all skin tones.

This palette has a price tag of $28 and is worth the money, well i think so anyway ! This can be purchased from Target or any Napoleon store. They have a whole range of mini palettes like this and i wanna get my hands on every single one of them. What i dont like is that the palettes dont actually come with any little applicators or anything even though i dont personally use them myself, im sure there is people out there who do..

Let me know what you guys think of NP set products, cause i know alot of people still havnt really tried them.

Love Suzie xxxx


  1. I don't really buy Napeleon products anymore since whenever I can't be bothered doing my make-up, I go and get mine done at a Napeleon counter (but not in the middle of a shopping centre or at David Jones, as in the ones where I go when I get my waxing/tanning). They are so good at concealing there.

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  2. That looks like a wonderful palette! Will check it out next time I'm in Target!

  3. This little packet looks so cute! I might just have to try it ;)

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  4. just picked this up on sale at target for only five bucks!!! its so pretty and perfect for my purse for when im running late in the morning and have to do my makeup at work!

  5. this palette is really cute ♥... i haven't tried anything from NP yet, this would be a good start :)

  6. i wish they sold this palette in the us- i've seen np set, but not these colors :(

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)