Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its getting close !!!

Hey guys,

So ill be leaving for america in about 14 days now and im all over the place doing all my shoopping and stuff now before it gets too last minute, because i know what im like and i will probably have heart failure and freak out at that point.

I never realised how much junk im actually dependant on, on a daily basis and how many things you need just to make one thing work.. like for a camera, you need the camera, a memory card, a case, a charger and an international plug ! Thats like half my suitcase filled up right there ! And what im actually freaking out about the most is what im going to stash in my beauty bag, which im trying to keep to an absolute minimum so i figure imgoing to shop around for things that have two in one purposes, like a lip and cheek tint so i can have one thing and two uses which will hopefully minimise how many things ill be taking.

But because i am the way that i am, i believe that i need to take everything and i mean everything !! I dont believe that just a shampoo and conditioner is sufficient, i need to bring my leave in hair treatment, a detangling spray and a heat protectant spray and like three round brushes for a blowdry and a hair straightener and hairdryer and a curling iron, and oh my goodness im getting flustered just thinking about it lol like who needs all this stuff for a few weeks away !! I do. Suzie. Me ! I need it all !!!!!

Because i know its impossible to bring everything, ive decided to buy little travel bottles and put some product in them so i can have the best of both worlds when it comes to hair, and as far as packing makeup, i guess ill find the room the stash them somewhere and wouldnt it be a shame if i had to buy a whole new bunch while im in new york haha

So on my absolute necessities list i have:

1. ipod: its multifunctional for plane rides and the beach and i have to have it
2. Huge sunglasses: just to hide half my face for the days that ill be too tired to wear eye makeup and ill still look half decent in photos haha
3. Hairdryer: just because !
4. Hair straighetner: another just because ! No questions should be asked
5. HD foundation: ill have these photos for the rest of my life so i want flawless looking skin
6. Mini Travel Brush Set: theres no point in taking makeup if you have nothing to apply it with
7. Summery Smelling Body Butter: something fruity and florally which smells delish. You need to take care of your skin in warmer climates especially if you plan on baking in the sun all day.
8. Sunscreen: because sunburn hurts and red tan lines are hideous !
9. Face Primer: if your out and about all day, you dont want your face to slip and slide
10. Your favourites makeup product ever that you cant go anywhere without: my NP Set liquid eyeliner, I believe it was love at first swipe :)

Ill be uploading photos of what ill pack in my beauty department of my suitcase when i start packing it and hopefully ill be a good girll and will only pack necessities..

So tell me, what are your travel necessities ?? Post me a comment below..

Until next time,

Love Suzie xxxx


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  2. wish i could have traveled to america this summer too... my travel necessities are pretty much the same, minus the ipod... i don't own one, but i would definitely love to ♥

  3. i completely understand- when i went to florida for six weeks this summer i had to downsize what i was bringing so many times bc i had too many products!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)