Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybelline Designer Chocolate Quad

Hey guys,
My daily makeup is usually quite neutral, just really standard and quite boring actually- it consists of the standard foundation, concealer if needed, pressed powder, bronzer, mascara and sometimes just some pencil liner. And on days where im off to uni, I tend to go for the option of tinted moisturiser with a ballerina bun on the top of my head and im out the door.
But cause im finished with uni now, im out and about every day so ive started to put a little more time into my makeup and have started to include some eyeshadow in my daily makeup routine if im not in too much of a rush (im one of those people who would rather sleep the extra 10 minutes instead of getting up 10 minutes earlier to make my life that little bit more simpler lol)
So lately ive been reaching for my Maybelline Quad in Designer Chocolate which I am seriously in love with !! It has the most gorgeous four colours that compliment every skin tone id say, and every time ive worn these ive been complimented on how pretty my eyes look.
I just realised that I don’t actually own any shadows by Maybelline as I always thought they weren’t pigmented but these are super pigmented and I even bought an extra one for my makeup kit and used the lightest colour from the palette as a highlight colour for makeup that I did at a wedding the other week on all three bridesmaids and it did not budge all night !

Ive probably worn these every day for the past two weeks, with or without a primer and even without a primer, they still stay put and the pigmentation is great. I have been applying it the same way every day, by using the cute little picture guide on the back of the palette as this palette has the words, ‘brow bone’, ‘lid’, ‘crease’ and ‘outer corner’ engraved into each separate shadow so you know exactly where to place each colour, which is great for beginners of makeup and with a $17 price tag attached to it, id say it’s a bargain for pretty good quality stuff ! Yay to Maybelline on these cute little quads. Ill be definitely going back to suss out the rest of the colour range, I wanna get my hands on a smokey eye one if it exists.

Have you guys tried these ? Let me know what you thought and what colour palette should I look out for ?
P.S I just realised ive rambled on about how pigmented these are but I didn’t take a photo of any swatches.. ill try get these up asap ! (my excuse is that its after midnight and I should be sleeping, so my brain must be falling asleep)
Love Suzie xx


  1. I have this palette & love it! Only downside is my lid broke off.

  2. love this chocolate quad! it's perfect for natural looks ♥

  3. i need to go buy this- great colors!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)