Monday, January 24, 2011

How to follow

Hey !

For those of you who dont have google accounts but wish to follow my blog simply press the follow button on the top right hand corner of this blog and then select the google icon.
Where it asks you to sign in, look below and press 'create a google account now'.
Basically you just have to submit your email into the google database which allows you to use your email to make the most of google based sites that ask you to sign in.

It literally takes two seconds.. let me know if you have any problems



  1. Great blog! It's SO AWESOME having a beauty blogger in Australia - not many of you around.

  2. easy peasy, i didn't have any problems with it :)

  3. following already, but this would've been very helpful to me if it was my first time to follow. :)

    please enter me on your giveaway. :)
    snow0016 at yahoo dot com