Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Earrings- Stocking fillers !

Hey guys,

So ive been a bit slack with my posting havnt i ! My last post was on friday- i think this is because im running out of christmas shopping ideas but i do have another today :)

So today is earrings, something i dont really wear too often. Im kinda lazy to change them around so ive actually been wearing the same diamond studs my mum bought me for my birthday, back in January- thats almost a year !!

The earrings ive chosen today are all from Colette Accessories and range $4.95- $9.95 ! Bargainnn :)

I love the turquoise and golds, soo summery !!

Ahhhh omg theres only 10 shopping days left til Christmas !!!!!

Love S  xx


  1. The leafy earrings are so pretty. I bet they light up your face.

  2. Those are lovely earrings. The first ones are so pretty! I think those are my favorite out of all of these :)


  3. I love the first ones too- i think cause theyre so random ! xx