Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Rings- Stocking Fillers !!

Hey dolls,

One of my favourite things to buy as stocking fillers are rings- its usually quite easy to pick someones size, but i figure if your buying for a friend, you should already know their size ?? But if you dont most rings like the ones pictured below are available in small, medium and large- so if in doubt go for medium !

I dont think any girl can have enough rings and i love that they can be so inexpensive. I just jumped onto the Colette website and found these rings, are all under $12 which is another reason why im obsessed with Colettte- they have such beautiful jewellery for such a bargain..

I cant pick a fave, i want them all. Thats not too much to ask for is it ? :)

Love S x


  1. Just found your blog, I really like that you enjoy finding stocking stuffers, I always enjoy shopping for this too. I want so many of these rings too so I don't blame you.

    Nice post! Following you now
    I'm a stylist with a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time to stop by :)

  2. where do you buy colette rings from? I love the one with the swallows! :)

  3. @BooBooNinja- Colette is a accessory store throughout Australia, its my favourite place to buy all my jewellery !!.. You can check out


  4. These rings are awesome, love the black squarish one that bends down... so unique!

    Haven' seen one quite like this..

    You find the best stuff! x

  5. I just got a bird ring like the ones in silver except mine is kind of a tarnished gold. F21 has such great costume-y jewelry! I just started following you. Hope you can stop by, check it out and follow back! XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  6. Great pciks! I will try to find info on EOS in your country XOXO

  7. Love those rings! All of them are amazing :)

    follow me :)