Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Necklaces- Stocking Fillers !

Hey girlies,

I love necklaces like these below.. i wear one everyday and you will never see me in an outfit without a nice necklace to match it- maybe cause i wear really plain basics in a way so i always need a little extra bling in the form of a necklace..

All these necklaces are under $12.95 !!!!!!! Woooo Hoooooo bargain time again :)

Again these are all from Colette !! I just love the cheapness of it..

Whats your favourite ? I think i love the second one because of the fabric and the one with the gold leaves- it gets me in touch with my Grecian side lol

Love S xxx


  1. i love the last one really cute!!

  2. I love neckllaces, pls do check my new photolog J.estina necklace XD thxies ^^