Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Men !!

Hey ladies,

So with only a few days left of shopping, here is my last xmas post before the big day finally arrives- and may i just add that Santa better be awesome because i have obviously been really good this year !!

I know the hardest part for me is usually buying gifts for a male because i just cant read their minds most the time whether it be for my dad, brother, boyfriend, friends or just pretty much any male.. So ive made a little list for you girlies to hopefully make your life a little easier if you stress about males gifts like i do.

Now i know my list may be stock standard but its the best i can do :)

Perfume or shall i say cologne cause every male usually corrects me when i say perfume cause its 'too girly' they tell me lol

Polo Shirts

Some sort of gaming console

Movie tickets- this way if your like my sister and complain your husband doesnt take you to the movies, just force it upon him ! Check out Gold Class or La Premier and force it upon the sucker !!

Boxer Shorts



What man doesnt need a nice dress shirt ?

Wallet- so he can look stylish when paying for you lol

Ipad- who doesnt want one ?

What do you think of my selection- quite standard isnt it ?

Please leave any other suggetsions down below..


Love S xx


  1. Good picks. I think electronics alone should make the men go crazy.


  2. Yeah it is quite standard, but still great presents, men are always standard.... you can't buy them many cute or creative things, they just dont get that sort of stuff ;)

  3. So true! Good list! its always so hard to shop for guys haha