Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Shoppinjg: Pyjamas !!

Hey girls,

I always love recieving pyjamas as a gift because they're really just so cute. I love matching pjs for summer and in winter i usually just sleep in my pyjama pants but throw on a huge jumper.

I just jumped onto the Bras n Things website and found some cute pairs of pjs, which are an awesome Christmas gift and these particular pairs range from $40- $70.

Do you think pjs are as cute as i do and do you put alot of thought into them ?







Which pair are you lusting over ??

Love S x


  1. Love the loepard p.js so cute! Great blog! Now following!

  2. Hi, I'm Nicole from Romanian Princess! It's a blog all about everything girly! Please stop by and follow, as I am following you!


  3. im not gonna lie - i would love some play boy pjs!
    actually i think my bf would love them haha!
    cute blog! xx
    im following!
    come check out mine?
    its about love, life and happiness : )

    - <3

  4. I love pyjamas, i think when in doubt buy the person pyjamas... they are practical, everyone wears them (well most people) and can be sooo cute!

    Awesome picks, my fav are the 4th ones with the print, way too cute!