Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Lipgloss- Stocking Fillers !!

Hey everyone,

I have one question for you- Who doesnt love lipgloss and who wouldnt be excited to pull one out of their stockings ?? I think its the easier option to buy a lipgloss instead of a lipstick only cause its easier to find lipgloss that suits you as opposed to lipstick.

Here are my budget friendly suggestions, seeing as stocking fillers arent meant to be something you spend big dollars on...

Australis Show Stopper Gloss Stick

Covergirl Shine Blast Lipgloss

NYX Lipgloss

Sportsgirl Lip Jam- the packaging is the cutestttt ever !!!

Australis Mint Conditions Lip Gloss

MOR Lip Macaron
 (Available in 9 colours/flavours)

Maybelline Sensational Lipgloss

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

Whats your favourite lipgloss that is under the $15 mark ??

Love S xxx


  1. I've got 3 of the Australis mint conditions and I love them! I also love Essences Stay With Me lipglosses and they sell for a teeny tiny price at Target :)

  2. I must be so boring, I havent tried any of these.

    Though I have heard that Rimmel Vinyl Gloss is gonna go get myself one of thse today! Might get the the covergirl shine blast lip gloss too.. I'd love this as a sticking filler!