Monday, December 5, 2011

The Iconic

Hey guys,

It seems like its been forever ! I usually like to get all my blog ideas dealt with over the weekend so im prepared but i had such a busy weekend, i think its because we are in December already ! And ive just been so overwhelmed with work, ive been there everyday and its crazy cause theres so much to do and so much to learn with deadlines and its just all over the place, but ill be back as per usual this week..

Todays post will be on a new online store called The Iconic. It has all your fashion needs, from shoes and clothing including all your big brands for both men and women. Just to name a few brands as i look at the huge A-Z list, i see RMK, Bonbons, All About Eve, Bluejuice and Cooper St just to name a few.

My favourite things about this site would be that there is free shipping nationwide, there is a 30day refeund policy and you can contact them through either phone or email which i love.. not more than the sale section- i love love love that !

At the moment, there is a $20 off your christmas outfit coupon available, i know how important it is to spend your money wisely during christmas.. So get on there and have a browse around, ive already found what ill be purchasing !

These gorgeous heels have made my Christmas Day outfit :)

Im still browsing around to try and choose the rest of my outfit..

Let me know if you guys have a browse around and what you think- there is so much stuff up there, so get a good idea for Christmas pressies for both guys and girls.

Shop the Iconic:

Love S xx


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